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Move over, Peanut! Comedian Jeff Dunham isn’t just about ventriloquist dummies; he’s a serious car collector with a passion for muscle. His latest acquisition is the ultimate Mopar monster: the limited-edition Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170, packing a mind-blowing 1,025 horsepower.

Dunham’s Demon isn’t just any #13. It matches the number of his original Demon, proving his dedication to these iconic beasts. As a Demon 170 owner, Dunham received exclusive goodies like a custom decanter set, personalized badging, and even a drag racing class!

But the real fun happens at the track. To ensure Dunham could safely harness the Demon’s immense power, muscle car guru Dave Salvaggio took him to Irwindale Speedway. With all the optional performance parts from Direct Connection installed, Dunham got a taste of the Demon’s true potential.

“It’s a massively powerful car,” Salvaggio cautions. “Drivers need to be prepared to handle it for maximum fun and safety.”

Prepared Dunham was! Salvaggio even captured video of Dunham experiencing the Demon’s signature wheelies – a thrilling yet potentially dangerous characteristic that requires skilled control.

Comedian Jeff Dunham Unleashes the Beast: A 1,025-Horsepower Demon 170

Safety upgrades were paramount. Salvaggio equipped Dunham’s Demon with a Direct Connection Parachute Mounting Kit and a Simpson parachute (available directly from Salvaggio Design). They also installed a Direct Connection Harness Bar for secure driver restraint.

The final touch? Replacing the rear seats with lightweight, pre-preg carbon fiber panels from Direct Connection. Salvaggio then customized these panels with unique Demon artwork, making Dunham’s Demon a true one-of-a-kind machine.

“You can’t describe it,” Dunham exclaims after his track experience. “The power, the sound, the feel, the smell – it’s incredible!”

With his Demon 170 prepped to dominate and his skills honed, Dunham is ready to conquer the drag strip – and ensure he’s never late for a show!

Comedian Jeff Dunham Unleashes the Beast: A 1,025-Horsepower Demon 170