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INSTAGRAM @untouchablesounds

Performance Details
Custom exhaust , 300a high output alternator

Wheel Details
Rucci Forged 26×14 custom powder coated

Tire Details
Fury 37×14.5

Suspension Details
Maxtrac suspension 4.5”

Other Exterior Details
Front and rear DV8 bumpers , smutty built body armor , custom doors , dual 52” rbg light bars with matching pods , dc8 slant top, custom 1 of a kind front grille insert, XK Glow headlights , win jet tail lights.

Interior Details
Custom racing seats, full custom untouchablesounds audio system, consisting of 43 speakers , custom 1 of a kind digital dash, DJ light, fog machine, laser projector, custom led rbg interior and exterior lights

Other Details
My name is Luech aka Mr. Untouchable Owner/ Operator of Luech Kustoms LLC and Untouchable Sounds. The vehicle I have is a 2015 Jeep Wrangler unlimited that was built 5 times and the most recent revamped done by Myself at Luech Kustoms. This Jeep has been completely overhauled from the ground up. Here is what was done and it was fully stripped down and rebuilt in 3 weeks. Ok here we go. The suspension that this Jeep has is a 4.5” Maxtrac suspension that is custom powder coated by CPC powder coating. The wheels and tires are a complete 1 of a kind set of Rucci Forged 3 piece #MrUntouchable edition 26×14 wheels wrapped in 37×14.5 Fury Tires. The body armor is a complete smittybuilt xrc front rear and side cladding. It has XK glow headlights that change colors. Also has Winjet LED taillights. In the front it has a custom 1 of a kind grille I sent with the #UntouchableSounds logo. And 2) 52” custom rgb led light bars with 4) matching 4” pods. Has a DV8 slant top fast back as well. The interior is completely redone with 1 of the 3, 1st Carobotor digital dash to hit the USA. The seats are 4 racing seats that were custom made to fit and were reupholstered with a diamond pattern. Now the best part. AUDIO. The audio consists of a complete custom audio set up of all Untouchable Sounds audio. The audio consists of 12) Untouchable Sounds King series Pro audio 8” speakers , 14) Untouchable Sounds super tweeters, 12) 4” Horn drivers . All those vocals are powered by 4 Untouchable Sounds 4ch amps. For bass we have 3) Untouchable Sounds God series 12” in a Luech Kustoms LLC enclosure built by me Luech aka Mr Untouchable himself. . The bass amp to power the subs is a Untouchable Sounds 8.5k amp. It is a party on wheels as it has DJ lighting inside the Jeep with a working fog machine . And to bring the party outside it has a 42” Sony tv to play the ps4 and if you want to take it back to the good old days you can even play Nintendo . Yes that’s right a old school NES NINTENDO . All the audio is Untouchable Sounds and can be purchased at www.untouchablesoundstm.com.