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Nokturnal Car Club
INSTAGRAM: @Untouchablesounds

Custom exhaust, tuner

Rucci wheels 26×14/37 a Untouchable series custom 1 off

Fury Offroad 37×14.50r26

Maxtrac 4.5” suspension powder coated Rims to match the rims

Complete smittybuilt exterior fender flare kit, custom front and rear bumper, 2) 52” custom rgb led lights, 4) 4” rgb custom lights

Custom racing seats, custom upholstery, custom digital dash, and complete Untouchable Sounds audio system

Full Untouchable Sounds custom audio system consisting of:

KENWOOD Audio DDX9703s
95ah cmax battery

Bass speakers: 3) Untouchable Sounds God Series 12s

Bass amp : 1) Untouchable Sounds 8.5k amp

Mids : 14) Untouchable Sounds King Series pro audio 8s

Highs : 14) Untouchable Sounds super tweeters
10) Super horns

Powered by a 12k amp for mids and 6k for highs