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Kalan.FrFr: Butterfly Coupes, Impalas & Fresh Beats

According to the Compton-born artist Kalan.FrFr, his newest track, “Butterfly Coupe,” featuring fellow Cali-rapper Tyga,  will be a banger you’ll want to bump in your ride for the rest of the summer. And he’s not wrong, given the track celebrates winged-door rides and the lifestyle accompanying them. 

The music video just dropped and tons of four-wheeled eye candy is involved in each scene. The Hitmaka and OG Parker-produced track is a hedonistic, roof-missing glide through the streets of L.A., replete with lavish visions of big rims, designer clothing, penthouses suites, gorgeous women, and thousand-dollar steakhouse dinners. The music video for “Butterfly Coupe,” filmed in Los Angeles and conceptualized by visionary Diego Cruz, deeply delves into race culture, burnouts, big party vibes and vixens. 

We got to catch up with the rising rapper about his music and rides!

What inspired the new track?

Inspiration came from just vibing out with the automotive lifestyle. It’s about the fast cars, beautiful women and the new normal that’s now my life. I’m a butterfly popping out of my cocoon just trying to live life. 

So how did you get interested in car culture?

My dad has always worked on cars. When I was young, he had some cool cars like a 9’96 Impala, different trucks, etc. So I was introduced to it really young and it just stuck with me. 

What’s the first car purchase after you got signed?

The first car I got after my first check was a  Dodge Charger Scat Pack SRT with a Hemi. Then after that, I got a  Mercedes-Benz S580. I still have it right now. I also have a 1963 Chevy Impala and a 1965 Chevy Chevelle that I’m working on in my dad’s garage. It’s our latest project. We plan on adding a new engine, some Forigato big rims, big sound and making it a build with all the fixings! We just finished everything on the Impala, so I and pops needed a new project to work on. I love learning about cars from the inside out. It’s all about how to make it do and look like you want from the inside out. And I enjoy the bonding experience it has with my pops. Dudes that don’t like cars are just different!

What’s your favorite ride in your garage?

Probably my S class. There’s nothing like a good massage when driving, lol. It really drives itself. But on Sundays, it’s all about the Impala with the droptop. Everybody stops to look at it! 

What’s the best memory you have working on cars with your pops?

It’s when I was 10, and we worked on his 1996 Chevy Impala. It was all black and he let me work on a car with him the first time. I remember just watching everything he’d do and then I started to get my hands dirty. It was so interesting to me that I fell in love with the process. Man, that was a dope car to me. I love everything about it – the car’s shape, the rims. I loved that car. 


Do you have a dream ride you’d love to have someday?

I’m definitely going to get the Ferrari 488 when I can. Maybe the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, too. The one that Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet one. It’s a G-Wagon on steroids. I think Drake has it already. 

So how did you end up becoming interested in a carer in hip-hop?

I was done playing sports and started doing freestyle raps and making songs like back in 2017. Then a few pieces got picked up locally and became a big deal. My biggest year was in 2021, when it all became real for me.

But I’ve always been into music. I love listening to rap and R&B and all sorts of different genres. My music is about my real-life experiences. It’s about being real, toxic in love and just overall flexing.  “Butterfly Coupe” is going to be the song of the end of summer. It will be banging in the club or the whip – everywhere. Everyone is going to vibe to it. 

Who are your musical inspirations?

No one really inspired my sound, but all of R&B music and rap in general. The vibe of hip-hop is inspiring and after listening to all sorts of music, I just put it together to make my sound. But if I have to name other artists, it’s Michael Jackson, Lil’ Wayne, Biggie, Nippsy Hustle, Jay-Z. I just want to be one of the most significant artists there is.  I’d love a Grammy, too, some day. But really, I just want to grow and compete with the most prominent artists of the times.