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Ken Block is back with his latest automotive action movie. After the success of his 10 Gymkhana Films (which have a total of a billion views on YouTube), Ken Block is electrifying Gymkhana in the first-ever Electrikhana with his entirely bespoke machine developed and built by Audi. He shut down Las Vegas, NV, and shredded a $12M custom Audi race car.

“Over the past decade, we have continually pushed to do something new and different with my Gymkhana series,” says Ken Block. “When Audi approached us with the idea of doing a film in a special electric vehicle that they would construct solely for the film, we jumped at the challenge. While I may love the sound of a turbo engine or the grunt of a V8, we have done that all before. The instant torque and shiftless nature of an electric motor allowed us to push certain tricks to a whole new realm. From extremely exaggerated backward entries or flawless high-speed 360s and four-wheel smoking launches, this Hoonitron is an all-new experience in our Gymkhana world. The final, tire-killing, center axis donuts reached wheel speed of over 140kph and created G forces I have never experienced before in any race car.”

Work on the Hoonitron began in March 2021 at Audi Sport in Neckarsulm, Germany. A team of Audi’s best engineers and designers thrashed to turn a concept into reality in just nine months. Modernizing design cues from the legendary Audi quattro S1 E2 Pikes Peak rally car and adding e-tron performance developed for Formula E racing, Audi created the first ever factory-built Gymkhana machine. The all-wheel-drive, bi-motor coupe is a torque monster generating more than 6,000 newton-meters of torque at the wheels. The crew went through three times the number of Toyo Tires than average filming Electrikhana.

Director Brian Scotto chose Vegas for its high energy, which is captured in the film. They were able to lock down The Strip for hours, which surprised many. “I haven’t had that ‘Can’t believe they are gonna let us do this’ feeling since Gymkhana FIVE in San Francisco,” Scotto reveals.

Ken’s rally career dates back to 2005, when his skill and car control became quickly apparent and Block aptly nabbed Rookie of the Year that season in the Rally America Championship. Since then, Block has also won 25+ national level rallies around the globe, scored points in the WRC, and accumulated five X Games medals… including winning silver on three wheels at X Games in LA in 2012 (behind 9-time WRC champ Sebastien Loeb). In addition to his performance in the car, Block has been a driving force in shedding light on the sport of rally within the United States.

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