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he Lamborghini Sián, the company’s inaugural hybrid model, garnered such immense popularity that all available units were swiftly spoken for even before its official unveiling. For those enthusiasts who missed securing one of the highly sought-after production slots, there’s now an alternative – a meticulously detailed Lego Technic set. Constructed from nearly 3,700 pieces, this set features an array of intricate elements, including a functional 8-speed gearbox, the iconic scissor doors, a V12 engine complete with working pistons, an authentic cockpit, and an adjustable spoiler.

To truly appreciate the scale and complexity of this miniature masterpiece, check out the official LEGO unboxing video. Each set is elegantly packaged in a luxurious box, accompanied by an exclusive coffee-table-quality book. This book contains comprehensive building instructions, captivating images, and behind-the-scenes interviews, providing a fascinating insight into the creation process. Geared towards enthusiasts aged 18 and up, this Lego Technic set offers an opportunity to experience the essence of the Lamborghini Sián in a hands-on and visually captivating way.

$449 at LEGO