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You have to be careful when creating a marketing vehicle. It needs to be tasteful, but not too boring. It needs just the right amount of “wow” to really get people talking and heads turning at events, car shows and any other marketing event you attend. Lexani Motorcars is known not only for their flashy wheels, but also their skills at working with high-end luxury and exotic vehicles. When it came down to choose something to showcase at SEMA, they decided to change it up a bit and wanted something “exclusive, but still relatable to a broader audience,” as mentioned by Carlos Parrott, VP of marketing and project director for Lexani. “The limited edition Demon was already on order and came along at the perfect time!”
Working with famed West Coast Customs, both crews collaborated on a rendering and stuck to it, which made the project as seamless as builds of this caliber go. Because they didn’t want to destroy the Dodge by cutting it up and doing a bunch of “corny” add ons to the exterior that would only decrease the value, Lexani was methodical with their approach to the modifications, only choosing what they deemed tasteful, yet bold. To make their vision come to life, they also enlisted TS Designs for a subtle, one-off widebody kit. It added an extra 2” to the rear with rocker panels. West Coast Customs added the bespoke red mirror Vivid vinyl jagged edge wrap that makes it recognizable in a room filled with other show-worthy rides. The one-off rear carbon fiber APR wing and front splitter adds to the overall appeal of the Demon’s striking good looks.
Because the Demon came packed with all the horsepower it needed, they didn’t need to tinker with anything under the hood. The stance had to be upgraded and they went with an AccuAir E Level system, in conjunction with Universal Air Suspension components, to help it sit low to the ground. To set it off, they went with one of their own new Venom LC three-piece wheels, going with 20x10s in the front and pushed it in the rear by going with 22x12s. The Lexani wheels are color-matched yellow with black accents and paired with Lexani 295/30R22 and 335/25R22 LX-Thirty series performance tires and accented with yellow tire branding by Tire Stickers.
Inside, West Coast Customs added a custom yellow color matched six point roll cage and five point red harness seat belts from RPM Rollbars. They also fabricated a custom-branded rear seat delete. The result was something the company could be proud showing off at any event! While it’s something purists might gawk at, Lexani still considers it still “somewhat conservative.” “We just like to keep it creative, fresh and fun,” Carlos admits. “Hopefully, we’ve been able to do that with this build from the response we’ve had so far. This car has had the most positive response that I’ve seen first hand. We get so many compliments from both the hardcore Mopar scene to the old shool hot rod guy. We even get great comments from the Euro scene!”
So far, the Demon has been making appearances all over the car show circuit and will continue being shown off at events throughout the year.

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