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The Mercedes G-Wagen has been a staple in hip hop culture for some years now. And even though it may have died down a bit, the 4×4 squared version has certainly revitalized the platform’s popularity. The latest G-Wagen to hit the block is a ballin’ blue tank from rapper, Lil Yachty. It’s not the monster 4×4 squared but it’s a beast nonetheless.

Customized by Tint World in Atlanta, this G63 AMG was the recipient of a laundry list of modifications. First it was wrapped in 3m Sky Blue vinyl with black accents where the chrome once was resided. Tint World also blacked out the headlights and taillights for a sinister appeal. Of course, Ultimate Carbon XP 5% tint was added to keep the haters guessing.

To accommodate for the upgraded wheels, a four-inch lift kit was installed providing the proper clearance. For such a custom luxury vehicle, the wheel choice was paramount. A set of 24-inch Forgiato Blocco-ECL wheels were added, wrapped in Nitto Trail Grappler tires. Want to see more of these massive luxury vehicles on Forgiato wheels? Look no further than their gallery