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“I knew choosing the Lincoln would bring about a challenge as I haven’t seen anyone build one. But I knew I could bring the beauty of this 2017 Lincoln Continental Reserve shine through my creative vision for it.”

Your teenage years are very impressionable. It’s a vulnerable age, where you are potentially introduced to lifelong passions. For Tuckey Checchia, he was 16 years old when he was first exposed to automotive culture. He vividly remembers being introduced to the game by a friend’s older cousin, who showed him the ropes to building a “beautiful, yet powerful, ride.” Of course, he soon immersed himself into the culture, learning the basics of customizing. Every chance he got, he’d attend car shows, truck runs and car meets to learn more about the art and culture of customizing.
Today, he has 13 builds to his name and according to him, his latest one is the most unique build he’s created. When you think of the Lincoln brand, a murdered-out, classic Continental with suicide doors might come to mind. It’s a storied vehicle that when fixed up with modern amenities can be just as head turning as the latest Ferrari or Lambo. Since Tuckey likes to be different and create unique elements on his rides, he needed something totally different for his build than the usual modern options.
“When I saw the Lincoln for the first time, I was curious about it,” he admits. “My first thought was, ‘What’s that?’ I hadn’t seen a Lincoln Continental before.” That’s when he knew it was going to be his next project. Although not the nostalgic classic everyone loves, the modern Continentals aren’t what you would expect when it comes to show cars, but Tuckey didn’t care. “I knew choosing the Lincoln would bring about a challenge as I haven’t seen anyone build one. But I knew I could bring the beauty of this 2017 Lincoln Continental Reserve shine through my creative vision for it.”
So once he signed the ownership papers, he wasted no time and got to work. Having always admired the aesthetics of VIP cars, he wanted to follow the fad but add in an American twist to the look. For those not familiar with VIP styling, it’s a tuning look commonly used on Japanese luxury cars, which feature big wheels, low offsets that are flush, a lip kit or body kid and slammed to the ground.
To get the look just right, the first mod he added was a set of AG Wheels, which is also his favorite mod. “I had my wheels custom fitted, specifically for how my cars would sit when I aired out. I get a tremendous amount of compliments on my wheels.” He wrapped them in Atturo tires for that perfect stance. To achieve being slammed, an AirLift Performance 3P Management Pack with two Flo 28” tanks and Viair 485 Gen.2 compressor were added. For better performance, he went with a Steeda cold air intake and their Proflow blow-off valve.
When it came to exterior mods, Tuckey kept it simple but unique with a stained glass design roof wrap. Inside, there are diamond- stitched floor mats with more coming soon, he admits. Audio features a custom enclosure with Rockford Fosgate 12” T1 sub and a Power 1,000W amp. As a show car, the Lincoln is far from finished and he has tons of other mods to include in the near future.
Despite its unfinished status, he still takes it to car shows and loves cruising on the weekend in it. He admits to relishing in all the compliments he gets when driving the Lincoln, which gets a lot more praise than his highly customized 2012 Dodge Charger he previously built before this one. “The Lincoln is just starting to hit the show circuit. I find it is hard for some to judge it since it doesn’t fit the norm.” But he doesn’t care because he’s passionate about his Lincoln and truly admires its “originality, quality and attention to detail (just look at my sunroof).”


•Steeda Cold Air Intake
•Steeda ProFlow Blow Off Valve

• Universal Air
• AirLift Performance 3P Management Pack
• (2) Flo 28” Air Tanks
• Viair 485C Gen.2 Compressor

•22” Avant Garde F562 Wheels 255/30ZR22 Atturo tires

• Rockford Fosgate 12” T1 Subwoofer
• Rockford Fosgate Power 1000 watt amp

•Diamond Stitch Floor Mats
•Stained Glass Design Moon Roof Wrap

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