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2023 will be huge for those looking for a different kind of on-road fun thanks to Slingshot and their new lineup for the year. They recently dropped all the details on the new 2023 lineup, which delivers limitless possibilities to design and personalize your Slingshot to your specific needs and wants. Slingshot offers various accessories across style, comfort, sound, and technology, allowing drivers to personalize their ride to best suit their lifestyle. When building their ride on the Slingshot website, customers have several configuration options – making each vehicle assembled at the Slingshot factory personalized for each customer. After selecting their preferred model, paint color, transmission type, and either the sporty manual or accessible AutoDrive transmission, customers can pick and choose between different wheels, seats, and hoods.

Delivering an entirely new look for the Slingshot lineup, 2023 introduces a variety of traditional and exotic paint colors. While colors like Jet Black on the S with Technology Package, the SL’s Cobalt Blue, and SLR’s Red Shadow continue to be classic color options, head-turning paint schemes like the SL’s Pacific Teal, the SLR’s Lime Shadow, and the R’s Miami Blue Fade.

Polaris Slingshot is introducing two new factory accessories for 2023. Slingshot adds convenience with a RAM X-Grip Phone Mount and an Excursion Rear View Mirror, which will be available in spring 2023. The new Slingshot cell phone mounts to the center of the Slingshot dash – offering easy viewing and accessibility.

Slingshot’s 7” touchscreen display powered by RIDE COMMAND further enhances the user experience. Along with essential vehicle information, the integrated infotainment system offers mobile phone connectivity via Bluetooth and USB. Drivers can seamlessly access Apple CarPlay, along with turn-by-turn GPS navigation with connected services – which is standard on R models but available via an accessory upgrade for other RIDE COMMAND-equipped models.

Personalization options are available on all Slingshot models, including the Slingshot S, Slingshot SL, Slingshot SLR and Slingshot R.

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