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Nilu27: Unleashing Automotive Passion

Get ready for a revolution in the world of hypercars. Nilu27, the brainchild of Sasha and Inna Selipanov, is here to redefine the driving experience. This summer marks a turning point with the unveiling of their inaugural masterpiece: the NILU hypercar.

A Family Legacy, a Powerful Union

The name Nilu27 is a beautiful blend, honoring the founders’ daughters, Nica and Lucia. But this venture goes beyond a family name. It represents the culmination of decades of automotive expertise. Sasha Selipanov boasts a legendary career, shaping iconic vehicles like the Lamborghini Huracán, Bugatti Chiron, and Koenigsegg Gemera. His two decades of experience have left an undeniable mark on the industry.

Inna Selipanov joins him as co-founder, bringing a wealth of marketing and business acumen. Their partnership extends beyond marriage; they’ve collaborated at Genesis and Koenigsegg, forging a formidable team. Now, their combined skills promise to disrupt the status quo.

Beyond Technology, Back to Emotion

Sasha observes a concerning trend: sports car development prioritizes features over pure driving passion. While impressive, technology hasn’t always translated to an emotional connection with the driver.

Nilu27 seeks to recapture the essence of a genuine sports car. Their vision prioritizes an intimate, exhilarating experience that engages all senses. This philosophy extends beyond just the car; the Nilu27 brand embodies a spirit of beauty and raw power.

The NILU Hypercar: A Return to Analog Bliss

The NILU hypercar throws back the curtain on a truly analog driving experience. Ditching the tech overload, it boasts a naturally aspirated engine designed to ignite your senses.

Sasha draws inspiration from his childhood, vividly recalling an image of Gilles Villeneuve’s F1 car. The memory of that untamed beauty sparked a lifelong passion. Now, free from industry constraints and preconceived notions, Sasha and his team can finally unleash their vision.

This summer, witness the birth of an automotive legend. The NILU hypercar is coming, promising a driving experience unlike anything before.