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ORACLE Lighting Acquires LumaMedia, Leader in Electroluminescent Signage Technology

ORACLE Lighting announced the acquisition of assets from LumaMedia International Inc., a Las Vegas-based leader in electroluminescent signage technology.

LumaMedia’s innovative, thin, flexible glowing panels have revolutionized how businesses capture attention. These custom-made signs illuminate various surfaces, transforming everything from product displays to vehicles into eye-catching marketing tools.

LumaMedia’s Technology:

LumaMedia’s electroluminescent signage utilizes a unique process. Thin, colorful graphics are printed on an extruded polyester substrate that glows when a current is applied. This technology offers a wide range of applications.

ORACLE Lighting’s acquisition of LumaMedia’s assets strengthens its position in the lighting industry. This innovative technology complements their existing product lines and opens doors to exciting new markets.

Electroluminescent Signage: The Thin, Eye-Catching Lighting Solution You Didn’t Know Existed

Forget bulky lightboxes and traditional signage. Electroluminescent (EL) panels are revolutionizing the way businesses and individuals get noticed. Here’s why:

Thin, Flexible, and Remarkably Efficient:

Imagine a light source thinner than a business card! EL panels use a special UV ink-receptive polyester substrate that glows brightly when activated. This innovative technology provides unmatched efficiency compared to traditional lighting options.

Peel-and-Stick Simplicity:

EL panels are incredibly easy to use. Simply adhere them to any flat surface and plug them in. They’re perfect for creating eye-catching displays for:

  • Businesses: Stand out from the crowd with bold signage that attracts attention.
  • Promotional Products Distributors: Offer unique marketing materials that will get your clients noticed.
  • Race Teams: Make a statement and stand out from the competition.

Endless Creative Possibilities:

EL panels offer a versatile canvas for your vision. Customize the size, shape, and image to create truly unique displays that capture attention.

For more information on LumaMedia’s electroluminescent signage, visit https://www.lumamediaintl.com/.