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Polaris Unveils New Slingshot Lineup For 2024

Capturing the attention of those who seek to stand out and appreciate a unique on-road adventure, the Polaris Slingshot stands apart from anything else you’ll find on the streets. The Slingshot is the ultimate canvas for self-expression, boasting an open cockpit, three wheels, and a striking, head-turning style. It attracts a diverse community of riders who embrace being different.

With its familiar, automotive-like driving experience, the Slingshot offers an exciting and accessible option for those new to powersports. Surprisingly, 85% of new 2023 Slingshot customers had never owned a Polaris product. The broad appeal of the Slingshot also allows the powersports leader to connect with a more diverse range of audiences.

For 2024, Polaris introduces thoughtful refinements and bold, head-turning graphics across its five-model 2024 autocycle lineup, available in manual and AutoDrive transmissions. Other new enhancements includes:

New Paint & Graphics

The choice of paint color and its quality plays a crucial role in crafting a ride that catches everyone’s eye. In 2024, Polaris offers an extensive selection of premium paint options and graphics packages throughout its entire lineup. Classic options like Moonlight White and Jet Black offer a versatile canvas for personalization and self-expression. Meanwhile, newcomers like Radar Blue Fade, Gold Rush, and Purple Lightning bring a factory-fresh, custom-like appearance. Additionally, SL and SLR models feature brand-new, sporty graphics packages designed to complement the bold and adventurous spirit of the driver.

SL Wheels

Staying on top of style trends, Polaris has revamped the wheels on the SL models. In 2024, all SL models will feature a chic and fashionable wheel design as the standard, presented in a fresh midnight charcoal metallic color. For SL enthusiasts eager to make a bold statement, the new design is also offered for personalization straight from the factory, complete with an enhanced machine accent finish.

Stage 2 Audio Experience 

Engaging with a Slingshot stimulates all five senses, and for Slingshot enthusiasts, the auditory experience is as crucial as the aesthetic appeal. Fresh for 2024, the Slingshot’s Stage 2 Audio Package has undergone an upgrade, escalating from 100 watts of in-cockpit audio to a robust 200 watts, now featuring brand-new Rockford Fosgate® integrated speakers. The enhanced system delivers an unparalleled audio experience, incorporating new speakers seamlessly integrated into the side kick panels within the cockpit, coupled with adjustments to dash tweeters to project sound more dynamically off the vehicle’s wind deflector. Buyers straight from the dealership floor can now enjoy the most impressive Stage 2 Audio Package ever provided directly from the factory. The new Stage 2 Audio Package comes standard on 2024 SL and above models and will be an added feature for S models when drivers opt for the RIDE COMMAND upgrade.

Slingshot ROUSH® Edition

Back by popular demand is the Slingshot ROUSH® Edition. Crafted at the intersection of eye-catching aesthetics and a performance-driven lifestyle, the Slingshot ROUSH® Edition exudes a racetrack attitude adorned with exclusive ROUSH® branding. Built on the Slingshot R platform, the Slingshot ROUSH® Edition boasts the power of the 203-horsepower ProStar engine while incorporating premium components such as Brembo® Brakes featuring exclusive slotted rotors, a Slingshot Excursion Top, Sparco® Pedal Covers, and an exclusive race car-inspired steering wheel with vibrant color accents. Elevating its standout style, the Slingshot ROUSH® Edition showcases a distinctive graphics package that enhances both the look and performance, infusing unmistakable ROUSH® styling and branding. This includes seats with an exclusive design, a special edition color-matched design for the instrument cluster, and blacked-out badging. Manual transmission options showcase a ROUSH® Block “R” branding on the gear shift knob, while AutoDrive offerings come standard with Paddle Shifters.

Factory Accessories

Whether personalizing the vehicle for longer, adventurous drives with added comfort and more storage, or customizing the style and sound for a personal touch, Polaris offers a wide range of factory accessories. Top selections include Heated and Cooled Seats, Roll Hoop Stage 3 Audio Kit by Rockford Fosgate®, hard and soft tops like the Slingshade and Excursion Top, and integrated storage bags that seamlessly fit within the Slingshot cockpit.

Leveraging the Polaris “Build Yours” digital configurator at Slingshot.Polaris.com, drivers can personalize their Slingshot. By choosing the desired model, transmission type, and paint color, drivers gain access to a variety of accessories, including Series Curated Collections for inspiration with fully built-out pieces that can be digitally chosen for a dynamic real-time build. Users enjoy a fully interactive 360-degree rendering of their ongoing build, witnessing parts and colors transform throughout the process, all while maintaining a running price quote to ensure they stay within their budget.

Paint & Pricing

  • S: Starting at $21,999 for Manual and $23,849 for AutoDrive, S is available in Moonlight White.
  • S with Technology Package 1: Starting at $24,849 for Manual and $26,699 for AutoDrive, S with Technology Package 1 is available in Moonlight White and Jet Black.
  • SL: Starting at $28,149 for Manual and $29,999 for AutoDrive, is available in Ocean Gray, Volt Orange, Midnight Blue, and Miami Blue Pearl.
  • SLR: Starting at $31,149 for Manual and $32,999 for AutoDrive, is available in Moonlight Shadow, Slingshot Red Pearl, and Seaglass Haze.
  • R: Starting at $34,799 for Manual and $36,949 for AutoDrive, is available in Phantom Gray, Radar Blue Fade, Army Green Flash, Gold Rush, and Purple Lightening.
  • Slingshot ROUSH® Edition: Starting at $38,149 for Manual and $40,299 for AutoDrive, Slingshot ROUSH® Edition is available in a particular Racetrack Red paint scheme.

The 2024 Slingshot lineup will begin shipping to dealers in early 2024. To see more click here!