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Photos: Kevin Sugiyama

The Purist WinterDrive is always a good time with good people. All different kinds of car people come together for a great cause to help kids in need. Spectators bring a couple toys each and each group usually tries to out do one another by bringing more toys than the other. If you missed it this year you should definitely try and make it next year.

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“This year’s toy drive will be beyond epic. Over 50 plus venders and hundreds of display vehicles are coming to this year’s event. Toyo is bringing their famous SEMA tread pass vehicles to display in their section. Our title sponsor, Nissan, will have an aisle filled with Heritage Cars Thru History. Lucid Motor will have some amazing cars on display, and Optima Battery is bringing their SEMA display too. Our good friends at Magnaflow will bring their rig, along with some amazing builds from Throtl. Our good friend at Beeify will bring some amazing cars from their collection. This year will be by far the biggest WinterDrive we have ever hosted. Don’t miss this year! Come for the culture, stay for the charity. I look forward to seeing you guys there. Doors open at 9am until 4pm.”

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