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Range Rover SV Arete Edition

Range Rover SV Arete Edition: A Bespoke Tribute to Whistler’s Majesty

Inspired by the breathtaking peak of Whistler Blackcomb, the Range Rover SV Bespoke team has crafted a unique tribute – the SV Arete Edition. This limited-edition SUV captures the essence of the Coast Mountains’ natural beauty and the serenity of the alpine environment.

Exterior Design Reflecting the Icy Peaks

The SV Arete’s exterior boasts a cool and sophisticated presence. A bespoke SV Bespoke Special Effect Gloss Blue paint shimmers like a glacier under a clear winter sky. This dazzling finish extends to matching accents on the 23-inch triple-finish Diamond Turned Dark Grey Gloss wheels, creating a cohesive, eye-catching look.

A Luxurious Interior Inspired by the Peaks

Open the door and discover an interior that seamlessly blends luxury with a touch of environmental consciousness. Rich Liberty Blue near-aniline leather seats offer sumptuous comfort, while contrasting ebony Kvadrat textile accents add a modern touch. Natural Dark Linear Wenge wood trim and Mosaic Metal inlay accents complete the sophisticated and harmonious atmosphere.

A triangular motif, echoing the repeated peaks of the Coast Mountains, is subtly integrated throughout the interior. This distinctive design element can be found as both an embroidery on the seats and an inlay within the exquisite wood veneer, further reinforcing the connection to the “A” of Arete.

Unique Touches for a Collector’s Item

Each of the eight Range Rover SV Arete Editions boasts unique, personalized elements that celebrate its Canadian inspiration. Bespoke SV Arete Edition embroidered cushions and branded, illuminated treadplates numbered 1 of 8 serve as constant reminders of the car’s exclusivity.

Adventure Awaits: Skis or Snowboards Included

Further highlighting the car’s connection to the slopes of Whistler, each SV Arete Edition will come with a special gift – a set of two fully customized and personalized snowboards or skis from Prior, a renowned Whistler-based manufacturer known for their handcrafted equipment made with locally sourced wood for over three decades.

Power and Refinement

Exclusively available in the Long Wheelbase configuration, the SV Arete Edition offers the pinnacle of comfort with its four-seat SV Signature Suite cabin. An electrically deployable Club Table and integrated refrigerator ensure every journey is a luxurious experience. Powering this exquisite SUV is the latest 606hp twin-turbo V8 MHEV petrol engine, delivering both exhilarating performance and refined power.

The Range Rover SV Arete Edition is a masterpiece of design, a celebration of nature’s beauty, and a testament to Land Rover’s commitment to bespoke personalization and a love for adventure.