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Redcat Special Edition Gold Digger SixtyFour Impala

This special edition Sixtyfour is wearing every bit of gold she could find and is dressed to impress. Topless and dancing for the crowd, this Sixtyfour’s beauty is captivating. All eyes are on her as she quickly becomes the center of attention, wanted by all who gaze. She loves to show off her dazzling beauty. She is the Gold Digger, a special edition Sixtyfour.

The Gold Digger is adorned with lavish gold details that make it a true showstopper. From officially licensed gold Dayton Wheels to a gold chassis, frame rails, and an array of other golden components, this special edition SixtyFour brings luxury to the world of radio-controlled cars. It’s not just an RC car; it’s an experience.

The SixtyFour lowrider, upon which the Gold Digger is based, meticulously captures the essence of the classic 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS. Redcat designed the SixtyFour with unwavering attention to detail, staying true to the original vehicle’s styling and the Gold Digger features a special black body trimmed with gold foil decals and gold color plated molded plastic parts. An optional LED light kit is available for night time cruising.

Price $649.99