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Reimagining the Porsche 911: Enter the EDIT g11

As classic 911s become increasingly rare, EDIT Automotive in the Czech Republic is taking a bold approach. They’re not just restoring these automotive icons but reimagining them for a new generation.

Their g11 series starts with a 997 911 as the foundation, but the transformation goes far beyond a simple refresh. Imagine a spectrum of possibilities: from a track-dominating beast to a safari-ready off-road conqueror.

The g11G embodies the spirit of adventure. With an 8cm lift and a choice of engines ranging from 340 to 424 horsepower, it’s built to tackle any terrain. Manual or PDK transmission? The choice is yours.

For those seeking pure driving thrills, the g11 offers a symphony of performance upgrades. It shares the g11G’s engine options, but prioritizes unadulterated analog driving pleasure.

The pinnacle of power lies with the g11T. This monster boasts up to a staggering 670 horsepower, ready to unleash on the open road.

But the magic goes beyond performance. Every EDIT g11 features a stunning carbon fiber body and a meticulously crafted interior, tailored to each customer’s unique vision. The EDIT g11 series isn’t just a restoration; it’s a rebirth. It’s a testament to the enduring legacy of the Porsche 911, reimagined for today’s thrill seekers and design enthusiasts.