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KEN BLOCK 1967 – 2023

With a heavy heart, we, as a company and a group of automotive enthusiasts, pay tribute to the man who has been so influential and inspirational in the automotive scene. We all know Ken Block from his days at DC Shoes, his game-changing Gymkhana series, his rally racing, his video games, and, maybe, even seeing him at SEMA or the other many events he would attend. Here at DUB, we’ve been blessed to have worked with Ken on various occasions throughout the years, from featuring him and his custom rides in our magazines to scaring editors during a ride-along in his rally car at a media event and even displaying his cars at DUB Shows. His meticulous approach to his personal rides and business was something we had noticed early on in his first feature back in 2005. It was evident in how he customized his cars and how his strong and creative visual design tied everything together. We saw it carried out throughout his career with his race cars to his daily drivers: the details always stood out. He was ahead of his time, and his influence crossed all genres of car culture. As enthusiasts, we lost someone whom we all admired and respected. But as they say, “legends never die,” and we’ll continue to see an entrepreneur, driver, action sports athlete, artist, racer, and Hoonigan, who, in one way or another, was inspired by his volumes of past work. Our deepest condolences to his family, friends, colleagues, The Hoonigans, and fans… Thank you, Ken. Ride In Paradise!