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When Prestone approached the Wisconsin-based car builders about doing a build for them, models like Chargers and Mustangs were tossed around until the Ringbrothers suggested the possibility of something totally different than the norm – a 1972 Javelin from their childhood. “I used to wash cars and do oil changes as a kid and this was one of the vehicles I worked on,” Mike Ring admits. “It was brand new and fresh and I fell in love. It has literally sat in this guy’s garage since the last time I changed the oil in 1977 and it was still in great condition. We were seriously hoping someone would let us build it because we knew it had huge potential.”
It took a while for Prestone to finally see Mike and Jim Ring’s vision, but once they did, the brothers had to compress their restomod process into just 12 months (condensed from the usual 24 months). “We thought [the Javelin] aligned with Prestone’s brand well,” mentions Randy Fisher, Prestone’s VP of Marketing. “There were only 3,200 ever produced and the car embodies American muscle car history and automotive innovation.”
With a small list of a few mods Prestone knew they wanted to include in a show car, the Ringbrothers pretty much had free reign when it came to the design process and build of the Javelin, which was one of the most intensive they’ve ever had. Unlike other builds, the Ringbrothers were able to utilize 3D scanning and 3D printing for the first time, employing the latest technology to make plugs and molds to make the entire process seamless and faster.
“We came to the Ringbrothers with the idea that we wanted a high-stakes project, with a quick turnaround that would be an integral part of Prestone’s 90th Anniversary. Once they proposed the idea of the Javelin, we really let them run with it,” Fisher says.
First, the Ringbrothers decided to extend the Javelin’s wheelbase by moving the wheels forward 6.5” and to pair with a new hood, front fenders, grille and front valance. “The front overhang stuck out super far and was high up, and we knew that was the major ugly factor of the car and really attacked it,” Mike admits. “Bringing the wheels forward totally changed the whole look of it all!” Other custom details added include taillights, bumpers, trim and engine bay accessories – all machined out of blocks of aluminum at the Ringbrother’s facility.
The reworked classic needed to perform to modern standards, actually beyond modern standards, which is why a Wegner Motorsports 6.2-liter Hemi Mopar Hellcat engine fitted with a Whipple 4.5-liter Supercharger was added, producing an insane 1,036 horsepower. A Bowler automatic transmission supports the high-powered engine, while QA1 carbon fiber driveshaft transfers power to the wheels. Other engine mods include a Holley Dominator fuel management system and Painless wiring. Once fired up, there is no doubt about the power possessed under the hood as the distinctive growl from the custom Ringbrothers header and Flowmaster side exhausts make its presence known.
The perfect stance is produced with a Detroit Speed Hydroformed front subframe that was originally for a Camaro, Detroit Speed rack and pinion steering, front sway bars and RideTech shocks for a smooth ride. To complement the front suspension, the Ringbrothers fabricated a Chevy 12-bolt rear end fitted with a custom four-link suspension and topped it off with a set of 20×11 front and 20×13 rear HRE wheels and a pairing of 285/30R20 front and 335/30R20 rear Michelin tires.
Inside, the Ringbrothers wanted to retain the original look with a modern twist, redoing most of the interior. They dressed it with Classic Instruments gauges, a Vintage Air Gen IV Magnum Evap kit and custom seats by Upholstery Unlimited, in addition to a Kicker sound system.
“The Javelin build turned out even better than we could have hoped,” Fisher admits. “Just look at it! If you were to see that car driving down the street, there’s no way it wouldn’t catch your eye. It perfectly embodies the spirit of the Prestone brand.” The Javelin impressed all at the 2018 SEMA Show inside Prestone’s booth before leading the company’s 90th anniversary Rally in L.A., with an appearance at the L.A. Auto Show right after.
For the Ringbrothers, the Javelin is one of their best builds to date and they’ve done a lot over their tenure! “I haven’t seen one done to nearly this level, that I’m aware of,” Mike confesses.

“It couldn’t get more special than this. I worked on that car when I was 12 and as a young kid you dream about driving it. Then transforming it and showing people what I could see with my eyes when everyone else thought it was an ugly duckling!”

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