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INSTAGRAM: @lowrider2012

300 h.p. 327 c.i., 4 barrel carb., complete engine overhaul with 3/4 racing cam added, Muncie 4-speed trans., Hurst shifter handle, dual exhaust

Fenton wheels

Firestone Wide Ovals on front, Mickey Thompsons on rear

Factory stock on front, air shocks with double extensions on rear, rubber spacers in rear coil springs

Factory Artesian Turquoise paint

White vinyl interior with Artesian Turquoise dashboard & carpet, AM radio

I bought it at Fasenmyer Chevrolet, Raytown, Missouri after returning home from Vietnam in September, 1969 for $1800.00 cash. I saved it while in Vietnam using the Army’s savings program.
I enter it here posthumously due to it being stolen from in front of my parent’s house, stripped of parts, & burned up in the nearby woods adjacent to the  Harry S. Truman Sports Complex property (Chiefs & Royals) in 1971