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The Rolls Royce Dawn is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cars ever produced. It’s sensual interior and exterior are the perfect canvases for the bespoke materials and designs that are offered by the factory. This one of kind Rolls-Royce was built by our friends at Creeative Designs for 3x NFL pro-bowler Donald Penn.

This Dawn, with its bright orange interior that is reminiscent of Hermes’ signature look, is at all angles gorgeous. With the addition of the Forgiato Formato-ECL in 24” spec, this minimalistic, yet stunningly bold hyper-luxury convertible design is brought to life. The already terrific character that the designers at the Rolls Royce studio is finally complete, all thanks to the creativity by, who else, @creeeative designs.

For more amazing creations by Creeative, make sure to visit their Instagram. And for more Forgiato wheels, make sure to tune into the Forgiato blog.