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It’s difficult to argue against the Rolls Royce Dawn being the top luxury convertible in the game. Even in it’s stock form, the ample-dimensioned cabriolet is stunning. Not to mention, the Dawn can get where it’s intended to go in a hurry. Under the elongated hood, the Dawn packs a twin-turbo, V12 motor churning out an impressive 563 horsepower.

Known for creating some of the finest automobiles in SoCal, Creeative Designs of Los Angeles, California applied their mastery to this exquisite automobile and the result was equal parts innovative and alluring. Not that a white exterior with a red interior and black accents is anything new, but the execution of the color combination from Creaative Designs is where the true customization prowess shines through.

A quick glance at the wheels and you’ll appreciate what Creeative Designs has done even more. They went with a set of 24-inch wheels from Forgiato’s Monoleggera series; chosen for their looks, strength and lightweight construction. Attention to detail was evident as they opted to paint the faces of the wheels in gloss black and the back barrel red to match the interior of the Rolls.