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With gas prices at outrageous heights and no relief in sight, SUPER73 releases its new 2022 lineup, with a major announcement that may be the solution to some of your commuting blues.

SUPER73 is a California-based American lifestyle adventure brand, specializing in electric motorbikes. They’ve helped lead the emerging e-bike community into the spotlight, while expanding and redefining personal modes of transportation. Despite their success, they’ve stayed true to their adventure brand roots while still advancing their horizons. Because of this, SUPER73 has been able to retain and grow one of the largest, and most active, communities of owners in the world. They have direct access to real-time user and enthusiast feedback that they have used to create new, exciting and more sophisticated products.
This week, they simultaneously dropped the highly anticipated C1X Concept, a new Youth Series for the kids, a revised entry-level bike in the Z Miami, an updated version of the R in the R Brooklyn plus, and an array of bold new colorways for its entire 2022 range.


Front and center, the buzz was all about the innovative C1X Concept. It’s designed to reformat and redefine the line between e-bike and motorcycle conventions. The C1X is a street-legal concept that will provide a “step-up” vehicle from the current SUPER73 offerings, elevating adventures by achieving motorcycle performance with dramatically reduced size and weight. 

Development of the C1X is the direct result of feedback from existing SUPER73 riders; a large percentage of whom expressed interest in graduating to a street-legal motorcycle. The radical C1X Concept represents a significant leap forward in the company’s development program to enable its worldwide band of loyal followers to make a logical transition from the existing SUPER73-RX flagship model.
With a targeted top speed in excess of 75mph, the production version of the C1X will require a rider to possess a motorcycle endorsement to their driver’s license, vehicle registration and full insurance. However, its 31” seat height and minimal footprint means it is lightweight and highly maneuverable, providing an ideal platform for riders wishing to pass the DMV riding test.
The SUPER73 design team began its research by studying the current crop of production motorcycles and addressing what prevented them from being accessible to core SUPER73 customers. Among its priorities was a reduction in the overall footprint of a typical motorcycle. This was accomplished with the introduction of 15” wheels versus typical 17” motorcycle counterparts. The team also took a revolutionary approach to mounting the motor rearward of the swingarm pivot point. This innovative architecture permitted an ultra-agile 51” wheelbase and removed the chain slack issues experienced with conventional motorcycles. Further enhancing the Concept’s agility is a mass-centralized chassis/battery configuration, the precise specification of which will remain under wraps until further testing is completed. Needless to say, SUPER73 is excited by the innovation that has spearheaded the entire program.

Being born in Southern California, the SUPER73-C1X Concept explored utilization by urban commuters and adventure seekers alike. To this end, it will introduce a fast-charging solution that will enable an 80% charge in less than an hour, providing a city range of approximately 100 miles. The Concept will also have a top speed of more than 75mph, allowing it to bridge the gap between urban exploration and highway connectivity. With two wheels and its small footprint, C1X leaves the headache of parking to others.

While the C1X design program began more than a year ago, it will be a moment before the public can purchase the first production units. Development is well underway and SUPER73 is now accepting reservations for the C1X for a late 2023 production date. Reservations for the groundbreaking electric motorbike can be secured for $73, which not only allows customers to secure their place in line but also gives them an opportunity to provide feedback and stay up to date with development progress as the C1X moves closer to production. 



Their second major announcement was their goal of allowing families to spend more time together. The Youth Series is the direct result of their customer requests for a kid’s bike and is available for pre-order online with an intro price of $995 and available in late 2022.

“We’re excited to create a new market that will allow families to spend more time together. We know the experience children gain will give them more confidence and independence, helping them to develop, and to explore their environment. The Youth Series is the first in a number of new products aimed at younger riders, and we hope they will enjoy the freedom our products can bring throughout their lives, no matter what age,” said Michael Cannavo, Co-founder and CMO at SUPER73.
Youth Series ergonomics are optimized for children aged from 4-8 years old. A moto-inspired seat and modular foot controls bring a new level of ride comfort and performance for children. Styling cues for the Youth Series pull from both existing SUPER73 DNA as well as nostalgic BMX frame elements, like the gooseneck and loop tail design. The lightweight aluminum frame provides agility, performance, and can be easily carried by parents. The junior e-bike features stylish fat tires, a removable battery for charging convenience, and in place of pedals, a red twist throttle to clearly communicate the control input to novice riders.
The SUPER73 Youth Series is definitely not a toy. It’s equipped with a high-quality drivetrain and components that will ensure reliable performance throughout its life. The Youth Series is more than just a kid’s bike; it’s their first step into the two-wheeled world of fun and discovery.

SUPER73 Z Miami 

The new SUPER73-Z Miami is an evolution of the iconic Z1, one of their original products. It will continue to provide a fun and accessible entry point into the world of SUPER73 but with a raft of updates inspired by community feedback.

An extensive list of significant improvements to refresh the entry-level model, include a lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy frame with improved ergonomics making it easier to transport and providing better agility, upgraded with a convenient removable battery, allowing more charging options and comes with a new motor that will provide greater performance and the option of pedal assist. The SUPER73-Z Miami has even gained Bluetooth connectivity via the flexible SUPER73 phone app, which enables the user to change rider settings and more.

SUPER73-R Brooklyn

Launched in 2020, the flagship SUPER73-R and RX models have proved hugely popular with riders looking for a versatile electric motorbike that offers full suspension, high-performance disc brakes, a lightweight aluminum frame, and one of the most powerful motors in its class. The two models were very similar, which could make it difficult for some customers to differentiate between them. To address these observations for the 2022 models,  the SUPER73 design and engineering teams decided to provide greater clarity between the two products. The RX will continue to offer a more overt off-road vibe, while the R Brooklyn will be focused on “street performance.” As such, it gains new street-specific SUPER73 LZRD tires for extended commuter rides. The tires were designed with micro knurling to improve cornering grip while balancing tire life. With good handling on the street, this modern tire was built to tackle the urban landscape while delivering longevity. 

Other refinements for street use include a new SUPER73 mid-rise “Drago” chromoly handlebar to give the rider better control without compromising comfort. The bar is complemented by the Speedster Low Profile seat, which allows the rider to move around more freely when cornering and helps to ensure greater comfort for longer rides.
The R Brooklyn now includes a front and rear lighting package plus a horn – items that were previously reserved for the RX. The R Brooklyn also gets air assist for its inverted coil spring fork to enhance comfort and control, while its two-piston hydraulic brakes are retained.
As before, the SUPER73-R Brooklyn has a powerful internally geared brushless DC hub motor capable of 2,300W peak output. Powered by a state-of-the-art 960W-hour battery, the R can deliver more than 40 miles of range at 20mph under throttle activation, or in excess of 75 miles using ECO pedal assist mode, selected via the SUPER73 phone app.

For more info and to order yours check out www.super73.com