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Tesla Cybertruck Color Paint Film

One of the distinctive features of Tesla’s Cybertruck lies in its stainless steel bodywork. Unlike the more common exterior materials, preparing stainless steel for paint application poses unique challenges. In response, Tesla has introduced an alternative option called Color Paint Film. This urethane-based film not only simplifies the painting process but also boasts self-healing properties, offering effective protection against scratches. Notably more environmentally friendly than traditional vinyl wraps, this film is an innovative solution.

Initially, the Color Paint Film is offered in two finishes: satin black or satin white. It comprehensively covers all exterior stainless steel surfaces, providing a seamless and stylish look. Application services are available for interested customers at Tesla’s service centers in West Covina and Carlsbad, CA. This groundbreaking film addresses the intricacies of painting stainless steel and aligns with Tesla’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

$6,500 at Tesla