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Words: Kristie Bertucci
Photos: Brian McGee
Like many of us, Dana Balthasar became interested in customizing cars as a teenager. Spending countless nights and weekends with his buddies in someone’s garage or at a local tuner shop, Dana dreamed of the day his own build would make it into a magazine! Now his dreams have become reality with is Lexus RC F that turns heads thanks to its bold mods and eye-catching color-changing wrap. As his third build, the previous two are a far cry from this stunning Lexus luxury performance coupe.

“In my early teens and 20s, I built a Honda Civic and Nissan 240SX,” he explains. “I’ve never been able to keep a car stock, even my work truck has been slightly modified to look different. That’s just my thing, I want my car to stand out from all the others.”

The RC F was chosen because Dana wanted a V8, plus he loved the aggressive look of the car and how exclusive they are. “I rarely see a modified RC F where I live.” And exclusive is what Dana wanted to incorporate into the build as much as he could, opting for parts that would be a first.
His first vision for the build was to start with an air suspension set up and a set of 20” wheels. From there, he knew the RC F needed to look bold and decided to go with a widebody. He lined up with Jon Sibal, a talented automotive artist and industry icon to help put his vision together. “We both ran ideas on how we were going to build the car, then John worked his magic and created a rendering so we could visualize how our ideas would look in true form. After that was done we worked on selecting the proper parts and partners we would use for the build. Once all that was decided the car went under the knife for its transformation.”
Currently, Dana’s RC F is the only one in the U.S. running a full widebody Pandem GT body kit. He was also the first to run the CR3P 20” wheels from Work Wheels. He also fitted an Armytrix exhaust for cold air intake system to add power and bring out the growl from its V8. On top of the already striking combination of modifications, he chose to wrap it in Avery Dennison’s ColorFlow Lighting Ridge vinyl wrap that really makes you give the Lexus a second, third and fourth look.
“The wrap selection was one of the more difficult decisions. When building the car we wanted to wrap it a color that would really make the car pop and it had to be a color that had not been done before on this car.” In about four months time, the Lexus was finally ready to debut at Toyo’s Treadpass at the SEMA Show where admirers couldn’t stop talking about the wrap and widebody kit.
“I could not have asked for a better reaction from the public on this build. I have met so many great people and have built many true friendships with all sorts of people from photographers, car enthusiasts, videographers, sponsors and car shops,” he says. “The car gets so much love and support it’s been a true blessing.”
But don’t think that Dana’s RC F is strictly for show. “The car is a show car but she definitely isn’t a trailer queen. I drive the car as much as possible but mostly Fri- Sunday. If my job didn’t require me to drive a truck I would drive this car every day.”
Although it looks perfect now, Dana is still working on it. He’s looking to add a Varis Carbon Fiber Hood, a management system for the air suspension and an upgraded audio system. “I don’t think I would ever be done customizing the car, there is always something new I want to get or I’m always thinking of different ways to change the build up to give it a different look. I’m very lucky to have the support from my wife, she understands my passion and has been by my side throughout the entire process.” A lot of stress, sacrifices and money went into this Lexus, but for Dana, it was all worth it when he sees the admiration from fans!



  • 20×10.5 (front), 20×12 (rear) WORK CR3P wheels
  • 275/30R20 (front), 325/25R20 (rear) Toyo Proxes T1 Sport tires


  • Takeda Retain Stage-2 cold air intake system
  • PPE Engineering UnEqual length headers
  • ARMYTRIX Stainless Steel Valvetronic header back exhaust system with dual burnt tips


  • Airrunner Air suspension system


  • Studio RSR 6-point full roll cage
  • Custom money shift knob


  • Custom Pandem wide body kit installed by Infinite Auto Design
  • Avery Dennison ColorFlow Lightning Ridge vinyl wrap installed by Daley Visuals
  • Password:JDM carbon fiber engine bay trim

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