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Words: STAFF

Mister Cartoon is no stranger to the automotive world. His love for everything automotive has inspired his timeless art pieces and numerous collabs with some of the industry’s biggest names. His latest project with Turtle Wax has transpired into a car care line worthy of the sickest Lowrders and most extreme exotics – made especially for the automotive artist in all of us. 

We were invited to the Motoring Club in LA to unveil Mr. Cartoon’s Turtle Wax car care line. Guests were treated to bespoke eye candy as custom Loweriders were on display while a live DJ played out of the back of one of the featured rides. A few artists airbrushed T-shirts for souvenirs, and a taco truck served up the most delicious tacos we’ve tasted in LA!  Attendees were also given live demos of the newly released products for The Art of Car Care Collaboration. 

Each The Art of Car Care product features exclusive, eye-catching labels hand-drawn by Mister Cartoon in his trademark style. The collection as a whole underscores the idea that car care is a form of art, both inside and out, no matter the car or surface and allows any car enthusiast to view their car through the lens of a canvas.

“My passion for cars is what drives my art. When I was young, I started airbrushing street fantasy murals featuring cars as a way to get involved in the scene. Now I’m able to build and paint my own custom cars, and my mural collection has been featured in art shows internationally. Each The Art of Car Care™ bottle should be thought of as a work of art in itself, and it’s cool that these products will be in the hands of car heads across the country,” shares Mister Cartoon.

“Our new product line, made in partnership with Mister Cartoon, seamlessly blends cars, lifestyle and art in a way that’s unique, yet authentic, speaking to both Turtle Wax and Mister Cartoon’s roots in the automotive community,” said Daren Herbert, Chief Marketing Officer at Turtle Wax. “This is a true collaboration, and we couldn’t have thought of a better partner to share the rich history of the Los Angeles car scene, and Chicano culture, than Mister Cartoon.”

The Art of Car Care™ collection includes wash, wax and air care products. Seven wash and wax products will be available online starting June 14 at TurtleWax.com, MisterCartoon.com and OReillyAuto.com. The products will hit shelves at O’Reilly Auto Parts stores first, starting June 28.

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