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When you’re at the top of your game, the only thing you can do is evolve into a better version of yourself. Such was the case for Orlando-based luxury auto sales and customization shop Ultimate Auto. As a well known player in the customization scene, a glance at their Instagram page immediately showcases their talent and expertise. Their Widebody Shelby GT500 Super Snake was a reader favorite back in Issue 87 and now we’ve got a pair of stunning exotics for you to feast your eyes on. We touched base with CEO Joe Labon to discuss the shop’s latest projects and more.
How has Ultimate Auto evolved since last featuring your Widebody Shelby GT500 Super Snake?

Since the feature of our custom widebody Shelby Super Snake, we’ve continued to evolve our customer experience and our build processes. We’ve evolved our team and our facility, now taking our biggest leap yet as we move into a new state-of-the-art 60,000 sq.-ft. facility, which doubles most of our current amount of workspace and production capabilities, climate controlled work stations, CNC machines, and also a brand new car storage facility where we will have the opportunity to maintain and show off some truly incredible vehicles on a regular basis.

Who commissioned the Ferrari and Lamborghini builds? Are they the same owner, and did they ask for anything in particular for the builds?
These builds were commissioned by one of our closest friends and longest standing VIP’s of over 15 years. The client asked for nothing except the absolute best of myself and our build team. We worked for countless hours designing and building these cars that would not only be staples of his collection, he wanted two cars that rival both the appeal and the performance of factory cars, worth more than double their price. It’s something that was achieved not just by throwing a lot of money and parts at the two cars, but by designing a combination of parts and implementing them in a combination unlike anything most have seen before.

What was done to the Ferrari?
The Ferrari is a 488 Spyder, which was ordered brand new, specifically for this build; spec’d and built by Ferrari with every option you could ever want for a build of this caliber. It features a bespoke red interior, which adds another dimension to the already incredible experience that this custom 488 brings. The exterior has been completely reimagined with the help of Novitec Group with their full carbon fiber N-Largo widebody kit. It’s a kit that takes the already gorgeous Italian styling – featured in this mid-engine twin turbo spyder – and turns it up to 1,000%. The car was then finished in a factory pure white pearl paint, which helps to bring out the incredible amount of detail that the Novitec kit brings. After, it was fitted and custom molded with quality and detail that surpasses both Novitec and Ferrari’s original expectations with this car. What also differentiates this particular N-Largo spyder – 1 of just 11 built worldwide – is the custom designed Alpha One Wheels that were designed and built specifically for this build. Where everyone else chooses to use the N-Largo wheels that come with the kit, we went above and beyond building custom 3-piece carbon fiber lipped wheels to really set our build apart from the rest. Along with the rest of the kit, Novitec Group also supplies a full exhaust and software tuning for the car, which brings a level of performance that matches the car’s incredible looks, and surpasses what anyone else thought was possible to extract from Ferrari’s mid range supercar. To finish off the build, we added a Capristo clear glass engine cover to display the heart of the beast, which lights up red to highlight the gorgeous twin-turbo V8, which powers this prancing horse.

So what was done with the Lamborghini?
The Lamborghini was a great opportunity for us because it gave us the ability to keep building on the already well done N-Largo Huracan that we acquired from GMG Racing. We were able to not only put our own visual touches on it, but also completely transform the vehicle’s performance with the addition of the VF Engineering Supercharger, an upgrade package which takes the already powerful 610 horsepower the stock Lamborghini V10 engine puts out and boosts it to 810 horsepower via a supercharger sitting on top of the motor. The car also features its own set of 3-piece carbon fiber lip Alpha One Wheels.

Were they meant to match?
The two builds were never meant to match, but after building the 488 and acquiring the Huracan from GMG Racing in California, we wanted to put our own touch on the Huracan so that when the two builds were seen together, they would complement each other in such a way that shows two very different approaches to the same formula. Two very different Italian machines both reimagined by Ultimate Auto and Novitec Group, which at the surface are similar, but when you take a closer look they accomplish very different things.

Do you have a favorite between the two?
While the Huracan is an incredible build and one that could be a cover car all on it’s own, our heart belongs to the N-Largo 488 as we feel it’s an expression of not only the latest and greatest in the custom industry as far as the fit and finish the Novitec kit provides, but it’s also a true representation of what we at Ultimate Auto are capable of. It shows off not only our unrivaled attention to detail, but also our endless search for perfection in each of our builds.

What’s so special about these exotics in your opinion?

What makes these two cars so special, other than the fact that they are the only N-Largo 488 Spyder and N-Largo Huracan in the U.S, is that these two builds are a true culmination of the potential of taking two near perfect factory built supercars and really raising the bar in every single way. If these two cars were built and sold by Ferrari or Lamborghini, they would not only be the most popular cars in their respective lineups, they would surpass any performanté, any Pista, or any special edition we have seen come to market from either manufacture so far.

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