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Unveil Event for the 2024 Nissan Z NISMO at Auto Conduct in LA

Words: STAFF

Photos: STAFF

We were invited to AutoConduct in Los Angeles, CA, to unveil the highly anticipated Nissan Z NISMO. Guests were treated to drinks and food, with the biggest treat being homemade ice cream made right before you! For the grand unveiling, Chris Forsberg (three-time Formula Drift World Champion) drove the all-new Z NISMO into the warehouse where the event was to lots of oohs and ahhs from the crowd. A few of the car’s designers also spoke a bit about the car and what went into its new design and more.

The 2024 Z NISMO is back with 420 ponies, significant handling enhancement and good looks, making enthusiasts excited to get their hands on one when it hits dealers later this fall. The NISMO grade builds on the capabilities of the Z Sport and Performance grades, making it perfect for those who want more dynamic performance from their ride. The Z NISMO elevates the iconic sports car’s performance with extra power and torque, a special suspension and brake package, revised aerodynamic bodywork and wider wheels with more aggressive tires. 

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