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Unveiling the 20th BMW Art Car: Art Meets Performance at Le Mans

The world witnessed the birth of a unique masterpiece at the Centre Pompidou in Paris – the 20th BMW Art Car. This groundbreaking project, designed by renowned contemporary artist Julie Mehretu, transcends the boundaries of art and racing.

Mehretu’s vision transforms a high-performance BMW M Hybrid V8 race car into a rolling work of art, seamlessly integrating into the prestigious BMW Art Car collection. This isn’t just a static display piece; it’s destined to roar onto the legendary Le Mans track in just a few weeks.

“The entire BMW Art Car project embodies invention, imagination, and pushing the boundaries of possibility,” says Mehretu. “For me, this car isn’t meant for a museum – it’s built to race at Le Mans. It’s a performative painting – the BMW Art Car is only truly complete when the race is finished.”

Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, emphasizes the project’s cultural significance: “The BMW Art Cars are a cornerstone of our global cultural commitment. For nearly 50 years, we’ve collaborated with artists who share a passion for mobility, design, technology, and motorsports. Julie Mehretu’s vision for a racing car is a powerful addition to the BMW Art Car series. But her contribution goes beyond creating a stunning Art Car. Her ideas have inspired us to expand our cultural commitment by promoting the creativity of young artists in Africa.”

BMW Art Car by Julie Mehretu celebrates its World Premiere