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As off-roaders, we know how important it is to have reliable transportation, but even with regular maintenance, unexpected breakdowns can leave you stranded and facing costly repair bills. That’s why we decided to try ZoomiCare – a subscription-based breakdown coverage from a company called Zoomi that pays for your repair bills if you have an unexpected breakdown.

When Zoomi first reached out to us at Dub Magazine, we were skeptical. We had heard horror stories about extended warranty options in the past and always found them to be too expensive or too restrictive. However, after doing some research and seeing how comprehensive Zoomi’s programs are, we decided to give them a try.

One thing that really stood out to us about ZoomiCare was its unique subscription model. Other offerings in the market often come as multi-year contracts with large down payments. Rather than requiring a lump sum payment upfront, we were able to pay for coverage on a monthly basis. We were happily surprised with how affordable our monthly subscription was, even with a low deductible.
Signing up for ZoomiCare was a painless experience. We simply went to their website, entered our vehicle’s information, and selected the coverage plan that worked best for us. For our Bronco, they had three different plans with three different deductible options. We ended up going with the ZoomiCare Max plan, their highest offering, as we felt the price point was still within our budget and would cover almost any breakdown.

Now that we have ZoomiCare, we feel more comfortable knowing we’re covered if our rig breaks down. This has allowed us to hit the trails with confidence, without worrying about the potential cost of repairs if something were to happen. And if we do experience a breakdown, all we have to do is take it to a mechanic and have them contact Zoomi’s claims specialists. They even pay the repair facility directly so we don’t have to wait for a reimbursement.

While we’ve had a positive experience with ZoomiCare overall, there are a few limitations to remember. Like all extended warranties on the market, ZoomiCare does not cover preexisting conditions. Also, the coverage doesn’t apply to vehicles with powertrain modifications and won’t cover repairs for other aftermarket parts. However, since our rigs are mostly stock, this isn’t an issue for us. Additionally, the subscription isn’t available in every state. To our knowledge, the best way to check if your vehicle is eligible is to go to their website and try to get a quote. However, before getting a policy, it’s worth taking the time to check if your vehicle is still under a manufacturer’s warranty.

In conclusion, we highly recommend ZoomiCare as an affordable and easy-to-use breakdown coverage, which could be useful for most drivers. Whether you want to cover your off-roader or your second vehicle, Zoomi’s extended warranties are a great option. While it’s not a perfect solution for everyone, we believe it’s definitely worth giving ZoomiCare a try if you’re in the market for breakdown coverage. Plus, as an added bonus, Zoomi has agreed to create a special discount code for Dub Magazine readers. Use code DUB15 for $15 off your monthly subscription price.

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