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Viair has just released a new 425CGen.2 Compressor. It’s the next level in high-performance compressors. The 425C is capable of producing 4.80 CFM at zero PSI head pressure. It is their fi rst compressor with a duty cycle of 33% at 175 PSI and 50% at 100 PSI. It also features upgraded internal components that make it a true 175 PSI-rated working pressure pump. The 425C Dual Performance Value Pack features two 12V 425C compressors. They feature newly-developed sleek head design, increased duty cycle and quieter dB levels. The 425C is available in Platinum or Stealth Black, and comes equipped with a stainless steel braided leader hose with an inline check valve. $549.00

 www.viaircorp.com | 949-585-0011 | @viaircorp

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