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Wheel Pros Is Rebranding As Hoonigan

Wheel Pros has announced that it’s rebranding as Hoonigan to engage with a broader community of automotive enthusiasts, given they recognize that the auto world has transformed since its inception.  The company is a leading provider of aftermarket vehicle enhancements. The new name embraces the spirit of automotive culture and signifies the company’s dedication to expanding its impact and fostering passion in the industry.

Hoonigan sprung from the brilliant mind of the late Ken Block, a racing legend and trailblazer. As Hoonigan, they want to celebrate and carry forward Block’s remarkable legacy of uniting an adventurous motorsports community. Their fresh vision statement, “We ignite the fire that fuels dreams into reality,” signals a global mission to elevate experiences for a diverse crowd, from racing enthusiasts to off-road explorers and even the everyday commuter. 

Hoonigan has already become a household name for its exceptional vehicles and groundbreaking automotive content. This rebrand solidifies the bond with the parent company, emphasizing their dedication to excellence and forward-thinking. According to Wheel Pros, their primary mission remains the same – creating premium aftermarket products – as they push the boundaries of technology in wheels, tires, suspension, lighting, accessories, and beyond. They aim to empower fellow enthusiasts, helping them unleash their distinct style and chase their automotive dreams by consistently pushing the design envelope.