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When you hit rap superstar status, your garage better reflect your bank account. Young Dolph didn’t waste any time with his fleet and made sure to one-up everyone else. Young Dolph’s career seems to be going so well that in a recent YouTube video he is seen throwing a $22 million-dollar contract on the hood of his Wraith. He then looks at the camera and says, “F*ck the $22 million,” before bursting into laughter. Young Dolph is anything but modest and prefers to floss his goods in the flashiest way possible; a reason why he made sure to create a stand-out automobile collection that reflects his larger- than-life personality.
While he has quite an elaborate garage, he decided on the Challenger, Ferrari, G-Wagon, Demon, Wraith and Bentley to shoot with, while boasting many other camo rides at home. “I did the G-Wagon first and loved that sh*t, and decided this was gonna be the pre sh*t and just went crazy with it,” he admits. “I decided to put the camo wrap on all my cars.”
the game with a custom camo collection that welcomes envious stares. Having jumped on the official music scene in 2016 when he released his debut studio album King of Memphis, he’s since then acquired a loyal fan base who can’t get enough of his raw sound and forceful lyrics. Just one of the many reasons why he’s been able to obtain his vast collection.
Giving each of his rides heavy love, Young Dolph has them on a special rotation and makes sure he bumps his Paper Route artists in each of them, including tunes from the likes of Key Glock, Jay Fizzle and Bino Brown. Because he’s always one to floss the hottest customs around, he’s already anticipating January when he gets a new ride delivered. “I got that new Rolls-Royce SUV on the way!” The SUV he’s referring to is the Cullinan. Rolls-Royce’s new SUV offering is made with the same superior excellence as it’s other high- end models but in utility form. Although not the first luxury automaker to come out with an SUV, Rolls-Royce made sure to wait until they perfected their model to release theirs, as it embodies everything the luxe carmaker is known for and then some. And more than likely, Young Dolph will also be dressing it in his prefered wrap of choice.
With a dream collection in everyone’s eyes, he admits he’s never really had that one car he had to have when he made it big. “To be real dawg, I ain’t never had a dream car. I never just had one car that I really wanted.” And he’s had quite a few rides in his lifetime, ranging from a Cutlass for his first ride ever to a Cadillac, which was his first big car purchase after his first payday. And as new stuff drops each year, it’ll definitely catch Young Dolph’s attention and he’ll most likely add it to his elaborate collection given he’s not showing any signs of letting up on his musical hustle.
For him, music is his motivation, hobby, love and passion. He’s been grinding hard since his late teens. But it wasn’t until 2008 that he decided to finally release his first mixtape, Paper Route Campaign. Since then, he’s dropped more than a dozen other mixtapes, some singles and two full-length albums. He’s also currently working on his next feature, which is going to be some of his best work.
“I got some legendary sh*t on it; I am not just saying that, too. I put some sh*t on there that has never been done before on an album. I think it’s great, I put some super creative sh*t together. I know I am going to get a couple plaques off it.” Young Dolph doesn’t just make music, he makes lyrical “art,” which is how he approaches his joints. “My pictures don’t look like nobody else’s pictures, I didn’t trace that sh*t,” he admits. “A lot of rappers trace their sh*t; trace the sh*t out of it. It’s Memphis, of course it’s street, but it’s Memphis slang, Memphis sound. The lingo we just bringing that sh*t to the forefront.”
While continuing to grow his career, Young Dolph also hopes to inspire many of today’s young artists that are just coming up. “They need to have the mindset that they can be their own boss,” he explains. “Like myself, I’m independent. You really ain’t got to go looking for too much sh*t. All you got to do is work hard. Whatever you’ve got in your mind of what you want to do and got to do, work and work hard and that sh*t will come.” It looks like Young Dolph is living his advice because his future will hold “everything with a PRE stamp on that motherf*cker valued at a billion dollars.”